From the Author of Finale 2008 A Trailblazer Guide TM: Finale 2011 - A Trailblazer Guide TM
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About the Author

After over a decade teaching, testing, and writing about Finale, I’ve seen some astounding ways to use this incredible program; some brilliant, others unfortunate, but all informative as I continue my quest to deliver the most relevant and helpful Finale guide possible. These pages are the result of this quest.

I designed this guide to be an accessible approach to learning and using Finale. By starting at the beginning, new users will develop a comprehensive understanding of Finale, adopting all the most important time-saving tips, tricks and shortcuts along the way. The Finale power user will find this guide invaluable as well—there are many new and exciting features in Finale 2011, and this book can be your key to unlocking them.

I guarantee that this book will teach you to use Finale, guide you around the common pitfalls, and most importantly, allow you to keep your mind focused on the music.

After all, isn’t the music what it’s all about?

Mark Johnson

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