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Revised and updated for Finale 2012, this guide offers clear, step-by-step methods for creating beautiful scores with ease.

Master the essentials

Learn to take advantage of Finale's incredible power by focusing on the tools you need and ignoring the ones you don't. This guide cuts through the complexity and offers clear, step-by-step methods for creating beautiful scores with ease.

Increase productivity

Readers will find a concise overview of Finale's framework followed by a guide to the everyday tricks and shortcuts that make using Finale a breeze.

Learn from an expert

Author Mark Johnson draws from his many years of experience working with composers, educators, engravers and students, giving you the expert guidance you need to get the very most out of Finale.

In Finale 2012: A Trailblazer Guide, you will learn all about the latest Finale features including how to:

  • Master the many capabilities of Finale 2012's powerful new Score Manager, including:
    • Adding, removing, and changing score instruments.
    • Easily customizing all aspects of the orchestration.
    • Managing percussion, tablature, and note shapes notation styles.
    • Assigning Garritan (or other) sounds to score instruments minus the hassle.
  • Seamlessly apply mid-score instrument changes.
  • Add Harmonic Analysis and Figured Bass using the new Finale Numerics font.
  • Benefit from Finale's new support for Unicode fonts.
  • Take advantage of Finale's Graphics Tool improvements. And,
  • Get the most out of the many other improvements to Finale 2012!


You will also learn about features from other recent versions including
how to:

  • Take advantage of Finale's new staff layout and editing options.
  • Quickly and easily do all the things that once required "optimization."
  • Enter lyrics using Finale's new lyric entry features.
  • Take advantage of Finale's enhanced chord symbols.
  • Learn about Finale's improved percussion features.
  • Setup and work with the Aria player and the included Garritan Sounds.
  • Get the most out of the latest scanning technology.
  • Use expression categories.
  • Assign expressions quickly.
  • Easily create tempo markings.
  • Assign and use Metatools with blazing speed.
  • Work with FinaleScript 2.0.

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